Apollo By George O’Connor


He was stunning.

He was an inspiration.

He was ruthless & vengeful.

Apollo was pure bliss and pure sorrow but nothing in between.

As always, O’Connor delivers a great narrative based on his research and artistic style. But in this collection, I especially enjoyed the creative use of episodic stories from the point of view of seven of the muses themselves. In doing so, O’Connor creates much needed distance between the reader & the nearly unknowable & tragic Greek God, Apollo.

The unique narrative style makes this addition both enjoyable and solid stand alone book. When viewed from a lens within the series, I will be interested in seeing how these tales contribute to the overall flow of the series after it’s all said and done!

May Apollo’s stories shine brightly for readers everywhere!

Thank you to :01 First Second for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest review. This post marks one of ten in I plan to write in celebration.